Thick Hair Care

If you are the owner of thick hair, you are very lucky, since the visual effect is simply amazing, however, such hair requires a special approach. A few tips on how to care for thick hair:
Before washing, be sure to comb your hair so that it does not get tangled;
to avoid peeling and itching of the scalp, wash your hair thoroughly from shampoo and conditioner;
use only a brush with rare teeth for combing curls, better from natural materials;
Do not dry your hair with a hairdryer, every time after the procedure, comb it thoroughly, otherwise the curls can become very tangled.
Often, thick hair is oily at the roots and dry at the ends, if the same can be said about your hair, then use a mixed type of hair care products. If you have thick and curly hair, then comb it only after washing, if even - twice a day, morning and evening. For thick strands, large massive hairpins with rare teeth are more suitable, only they are able to hold the entire weight of the hair for a long time.

Long hair care

It is very difficult to grow long hair, but it is even more difficult to maintain their beauty. Some tips on how to care for long hair:
wash your hair with two means, a head with shampoo for oily hair, the ends of the hair with what is intended for dry hair;
carry out the procedure of washing your hair every seven to ten days; at the end of the procedure, apply a conditioner rinse from the middle of the curls to the ends;
you need to comb hair with thin strands, starting from the tips, gradually rising with a brush closer to the roots;
Do not use too tight elastic bands and hairpins, as they break hair.
To keep your long curls smooth and shiny, you can resort to keratin straightening, but it is possible to provide them with decent care at home. Masks using coconut, almond, burdock, peach or castor oils are best suited for feeding the ends; for hair closer to the scalp - honey, mountain ash, egg yolk, aloe and lemon juice.

Oily Hair Care

Oily hair is a sign of malfunctioning of the sebaceous glands. To get rid of this problem, remove sweet foods from your diet, drink vitamins and provide proper care to your curls. A few tips on how to care for oily hair:
you need to wash your hair with special products for oily hair in non-hot water;
try to comb your hair as little as possible and do not use a hair dryer;
to care for such hair does not need balms, oils and gels - they only exacerbate the problem;
try to use ribbons, elastic bands and hairpins as little as possible, because the collected hair becomes greasy faster.
There is a good remedy that removes excess fat from the hair, you need to rinse the curls with vinegar (a tablespoon per liter of cool water). Perform this procedure on clean, washed hair.

Dry Hair Care

Dry hair is rightfully considered to be the most capricious hair, and it can become such for a number of reasons: a genetic predisposition, exposure to external factors, improper care, such procedures as perm, hair dyeing, and hair bleaching. A few tips on how to care for dry hair:
use oil-based masks for dry and dehydrated hair twice a week, cook at home;
avoid thermal drying of hair, it leads to a violation of the keratin layer of the hair and, as a result, their overdrying;
dry and curly hair like masks based on sage, wormwood, St. John's wort and nettle.
Dry curls do not tolerate mechanical stress, therefore, hairpins here must be without sharp corners that can injure hair. Improper work-rest mode, nutrition, caring for hair can lead to dehydration and brittleness, but knowing how to care for dry hair, they can grow long and shiny.